Mariah Buzolin as Daphne

Beauty and the Beast #1.06


shoot to kill.

Beauty and the Beast #1.06

Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall.

Merry Christmas everybody!

We hope this day brings with itself a bunch of joy and laugher, a delight to savor and a wonderful Christmas with the ones you love!

Boas Festas e Feliz Ano Novo!

BOO! Happy Halloween!


mariahbuzolini A part of my heart that is now a little shining star in the sky. RIP my sweet angel. I will always miss you, your smile. You always made me feel so good. The greatest friend of all friends! 

We’re praying for her family. 

R.I.P Caroline.


Met Mariah Buzolini (Zoe from Jane by Design) yesterday on set. She was there for Nick & had something going on around the corner. Thank goodness she came by. It made the night 10x better. 

I walked up to her, said hello and we talked about acting, how she got into it. We talked about Nick ahah. & a little about their relationship. How much we miss Jane by Design & she talked to us a little about her next auditions. ETC ETC. We had a REAL conversation. Not like the ones i would’ve had if i got a meet and greet pass. She’s so nice, so down to earth and so extremely gorgeous. Nick is one lucky man and Mariah is one lucky gal. I SHIP THEM BOTH<3

It’s been confirmed! Mariah is coming to Brazil.

I leave for Brasil for 10 days on the 18th!!!!! 

Vamos recebê-la com muito carinho!

Plot Summary:
A quirky family movie about a fractured family mysteriously sent a young man to inspire them to recapture their Christmas Spirit. Alexandra reunites with her Getting Physical mother Janet Carroll (who plays her mother once again) and Jason Brooks’, once a regular on Baywatch Hawaii, wife.

Vanessa Angel … Hope
Jason Brooks … Tom
Mariah Buzolin … Allison
Janet Carroll … Betty
Bryan Craig … Justin
Aaron Jaeger … Riley
Maureen McCormick … Sarah
Alexandra Paul … Winnie

Behind The Scenes Photos: